Hi, my name is Eran Naylor and I am an Australian goldsmith and designer. Originally from England.

My inspirations for my collections come first and foremost from designs and patterns from the old Mesopotamian regions, India and South America. In my late twenties I became fascinated by Egyptology and that is where my love of adornment really flourished. I like to try to transfer the beauty of older times to bold, classic pieces that can be worn or used with ease today.  I try to embody in my work a beauty and calm that adorns the wearer and has a bohemian feel and look about it,  recreating feeling and senses into real pieces that can be worn like talismans every day.  Using materials, colours and often experimenting with new techniques I try to create pieces that make the senses flow.

All of my stones are hand picked not always so much for their value as for their aesthetic beauty and how they fit into the design. 

Mainly self taught, I create my pieces at my studios in Melbourne.