Build up bezels- faceted stones. Byron wax session #7. 25/4/24 6-9pm


Byron wax sessions #7

This is an intensive course, designed to significantly move you on with your abilities to create more advanced designs for gemstones. Using relaxed, fun and enjoyable methods, this course is packed with tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your wax work practice.

You will learn to make bezel settings to hold faceted gemstones. You will also learn to make and add on decorative smaller side stones in bezels. It covers a lot of advanced work and is great value for money. I teach this regularly in person and I only ever get great feedback, most students taking this course are generally working wax jewellers or hobbyists that wish to move on from basic carving and it has helped them considerably move on with better pieces or collections.

 Please note that there is no finish off in this course, it expected that you have prior knowledge of how to finish off your work after casting.

 This class will take place on Thursday 25/4/ 24 at Byron Community cabin on Carlyle street, Byron Bay.